As with weight loss, tobacco usage and quitting smoking are two of the most frequent reasons one seeks the help of a hypnotist.

The important thing to understand about smoking and any other forms of tobacco usage is that according to many if the mental component is successfully dealt with, then tobacco abstinence leads to the alleviation of the physiological component. This then leads to long term success in dealing with quitting smoking or chewing.

Through the utilization of the hypnotic trance, the hypnotist is able to work directly with the subconscious mind to effectively change the habit of tobacco usage and thus the ability to quit smoking or chewing.

The subconscious mind has its own inherit ability to change this relationship. During the hypnotic sessions, the subconscious mind is given suggestions, and re-framing message
s that change this desire to use tobacco. Therefore the individual is given the ability to quit smoking.

For you and your own need of living a healthy lifestyle, try thinking about how much your future life would be different as a non tobacco user. Picture in your minds eye what it would be like to see the changes and smiles on the faces of the ones who love and care about you after you quit smoking. See the pile of money you will accumulate from stacking up the money you will save from being tobacco free. Feel the difference of breathing in fresh unpolluted air. Imagine hearing others congratulate you for a job well done. Feel the pride in knowing you have gotten a handle on what it takes to live a health enhancing lifestyle knowing that you quit smoking. Feel what it is like to know you have utilized a natural, normal, healthy, and non drug technique to achieve your success. Quitting smoking can save you $1840 a year for a pack a day user or $18400 in ten year, or $36800 in 20 years if the price does not go up. Imagine having these savings just because you quit smoking cigarettes
To find out how you can implement these changes call me so that we may discuss how we can formulate a plan to help you become a non tobacco user. Before coming to the session spend some time writing down a list of times when you feel the need to smoke. For instance many like to smoke with morning coffee. After formulating this list, then make another list of all the reasons you wish to quit using tobacco. Then bring both lists to the session. Make sure to look up the fee section as you may want to select a Program. It takes one to three sessions to quit. However if you select the three session program to begin with, then you may come for free sessions twice a month after that for 6 months after the third session.


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