Weight Loss

This is one of the most common reasons for someone consulting a hypnotist. As part of the preparation for the utilization of hypnosis for weight loss, I suggest that one asks their physician how much they need to lose and at what rate one should lose the weight.

Hypnosis is not magic and it alone will not cause you to lose weight without following a healthy lifestyle. You will still need to adopt a healthy lifestyle. What hypnosis can do however, is cause you to re-evaluate your relationship with the way you relate to food and to develop lifestyle changes necessary for weight loss.
I utilize the trance state to change the way one's subconscious mind relates to their eating behavior and health enhancing lifestyles. This is why people who utilize hypnosis are effective at losing and maintaining weight over the long run. I also give clients recordings to be utilized while out of the office. In this way clients re-program the way their subconscious minds relate to food and lifestyle changes. They therefore change the basic reason (their mind) for the accumulation of the unwanted weight, and it becomes embedded in their minds, that they are not suffering depravity, but living normally and healthily. I utilize compassionate techniques, that have been shown to be effective.

Clients have successfully utilized hypnosis to embark on a healthy lifestyle and obtain a healthy and lasting weight loss.


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