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Where Hypnosis And Coaching Are Utilized To Make Healthy Life Enhancing Changes

Who wants to be Healthier, Slimmer, More Confident, and Relaxed, and Witho
ut Drugs, Cravings, or Side Effects?

Tried all of the other methods without success? Isn't it time to accomplish your goals: Feeling stronger with more energy, Clothes feeling like they were tailored to fit, Having that can do attitude, Handling stress calmly and easily. Isn't it time you called or e-mailed "Certified Consulting Hypnotist" Harold Snider to get a picture of how you would look, feel and sound if you could make these important changes in your life? At Snider Hypnosis Institute, Harold will utilize effective, compassionate individually tailored techniques ( Individual Person Centered Techniques) to engage the subconscious mind in reprogramming it's automatic pilot of self-sabotaging scripts programs. Hypnosis has been utilized throughout history to control eating behavior, eliminate fears, such as fear of flying, and other self limiting behaviors such as smoking, chewing tobacco, nail biting, fear of testing, fear of public speaking, and to enhance sports competency. It has also been utilized in the medical field under the guidance of licensed medical professionals to control certain types of pain, complete dental work, perform operations, and improve other health issues. Several scientific studies have shown the effectiveness of Hypnosis to deal with modern everyday problems of living. At Snider Hypnosis Institute, you are also taught Self-Hypnosis to utilize throughout life to make any other changes in living you might desire. Again Harold encourages you to contact him and set up a confidential free consultation, so that together you and he can discuss how you may utilize hypnosis to make life enhancing changes, which can literally and profoundly transform your life.

Harold Snider M. A. C.H.

Phone 309-231-6492
email sniderbb@gmail.com
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Located 20 minutes West of Peoria, IL

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