Even though it may have been labeled by some other name, hypnosis has been utilized since recorded history began. It is a very normal natural state that individuals can attain. For instance, if you have ever daydreamed about a trip, vacation, event, or situation, and focused your attention on being in the situation, and perhaps even lost track of time, then you have been in a light state of hypnosis.

Hypnosis has been defined by many researchers in many different ways, however there seems to be one consistent behavior displayed by all in the trance state. That behavior is the ability to attain a heightened sense of suggestibility.

To the observer, it appears that the trance looks a lot like the sleep state. However even though the trance state seems to parallel the sleeping state, it is not sleep. When one is in a hypnotic state, they can hear everything that is going on around them. They are not unconscious. 

I therefore view the hypnotic trance state as the capacity of a conscious individual to adopt a style of heightened suggestibility while remaining completely conscious.

It is my belief among others in the field, that it is useful to adopt a model of thinking about the mind as having two levels: Level one is the conscious mind that operates by utilizing the critical factor to analyze all stimuli that is brought to it through the human senses, and either rejects the information because it does not fit the conscious mind's preconceived model, or accepts it, and allows the data to go to the subconscious mind in support of the conscious mind's paradigm. Level two is the subconscious mind, which does not analyze information in the same way as the conscious mind but accepts all input literally. It seems that the subconscious mind is where most all memory is retained. This memory however can store programs that are not useful or are distorted thus keeping the individual from enjoying peak performance in their life.

the utilization of the hypnotic trance, the critical factor of the conscious mind can be suspended, while suggestions and information re-program errors within the programs of the subconscious. Through the utilization of hypnosis, the individual can make dramatic and long lasting life enhancing changes. Lastly these changes are brought about very naturally and safely without side affects. Isn't it great to know that you can make changes, live a health enhancing lifestyle, increase your energy and enjoy life more abundantly without drugs or other stimulants.


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