Frequently Asked Questions and Concerns

1. Will I be unconscious?
No you will remain fully conscious while in the trance state.

2. What if I am not able to come out of the trance state?
In a literature review, I have never seen where someone could not come out of the trance state. I am not aware of anyone presenting to the Emergency Room because they could not come out of the hypnotic state. Remember, achieving the trance state is a normal and natural phenomenon the human body is capable of. If anything, one would simply fall asleep.

3. Can the hypnotist take control of my mind?
This view has been brought about through the entertainment industry's distortions to make a show entertaining. Remember, that even though one may be in the hypnotic state, they are still fully conscious and therefore would not violate any of their ethical or moral codes.

4. Can the hypnotist cause me to reveal life secrets that I do not want made public?
Again remember that you will remain fully conscious and in control of what you say and do.

5. Isn't it true that only weak minded people can be hypnotized?
Research has found this to be untrue. Anyone who is capable of communication can be hypnotized.

6. Could the hypnotist violate my moral inhibitions and take advantage of me?
Again remember you will be conscious, and research has also found that this cannot happen. Again the entertainment industry is partially responsible for this fallacious thinking.


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